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A Quick Overview of Wirelines and Slicklines!

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Oilfield work requires dependency on a wide range of tools, equipment, and machines. More often than not, tools must be inserted into the well for varied reasons. Wirelines and sickliness work in a similar way. There are oilfield service providers, such as Renegade Wireline Services, which offer assistance for clients for varied project needs. So, what exactly are wirelines and slicklines? In this guide, we take an overview of both.

The basics

The primary purpose of a slickline is to deliver tools down the well, using a thin cable. On the other hand, wirelines are electrical cables, used to lower tools and get data about the wellbore. Wirelines are extensively used for logging too. Various kinds of wellbore equipment and tools must be sent down the wellbore time and again, and both wirelines and slicklines do similar tasks, although slicklines are non-electric. Slicklines can be used for adjustments too, such as adjusting the sleeves downhole. Wirelines are more useful in oilfield projects, as it is possible to get data about the wellbore, and there can one or multiple strands in a wireline.

Finding a wireline service provider

Every oilfield service provider is expected to be compliant with necessary laws and regulations, because this is a sector that’s prone to accidents and injuries. Make sure to work with a company that guarantees compliance, and in return, the client is expected to offer complete cooperation with regards to detecting and fixing hazards. In other words, find an oilfield service provider that focuses on prevention of occupation-induced injuries over productivity, where needed. Check the expertise, experience, and work profile of the company, find more on what they can do for your oilfield needs, and don’t forget to consider the budget factor.

Other aspects that matter

Besides wirelines and slicklines, many companies also offer other kinds of services, such as Perforating, Micro Annulus Mitigation, and pressure control. Check the pricing plans and if the company can tweak their services to meet the needs of your business. Wirelines are critical to oilfields in may ways, and outsourcing is the way to go for most businesses. You can check online to find more details on wirelines, and don’t forget to discuss specific and future needs, so that you can think of long-term partnership with the concerned oilfield service provider.

Final word

With wirelines and slicklines, businesses in the sector of oil production can make considerable progress and reduce the time, effort, and money involved with regular tasks.

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