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Signs that you need an accident lawyer in Boise

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Life is unpredictable. Despite taking all necessary on-road safety precautions, you may end up in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault. That’s a risk for every driver. When an accident happens, you are expected to take action unless your injuries prevent you from doing so. Call 911 to get medical help at the scene and inform the local police. You should also call your insurance company immediately. Then comes another major question – Do you need a Boise, Idaho auto accident lawyer? Every vehicle accident is unique, but below are some signs that you should seek legal representation. 

  • There is a liability dispute. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine liability and fault after a car accident. You may believe that the other party was negligent, and they may say the same about you. Whenever there are such disputes, it is best to have an attorney on your side. Your lawyer can ensure that you don’t end up taking the blame for the accident. 
  • The insurance company is not playing nice. The truth is insurance companies are here for premiums and not settlements. Claims adjusters often try bad faith insurance tactics to deny accident claims. If you sense that the insurance company is trying to pressure you to accept a settlement or are downplaying your injuries, you should call an attorney. Personal injury lawyers deal and negotiate with insurance companies regularly and have the necessary experience. 
  • Your injuries are severe. If the accident caused fractures, spinal and head injuries, you might have to spend weeks or months recovering at a hospital. Your medical bills and long-term care costs could be considerably higher. Call an attorney so that they can evaluate the worth of your claim. Lawyers often rely on accident reconstruction experts and medical professionals to evaluate and assess claims. 
  • When you are at fault. If you know of your fault, don’t risk your claim. Call an attorney to get advice on filing a claim. In Idaho, you cannot recover anything if your share of fault is more than 50% (or higher than the other driver). Your lawyer can evaluate all aspects to offer genuine advice on your case. 

Take your time to talk to the insurance company for a settlement. Before signing any document or giving a statement, consider talking to an experienced accident lawyer. Hire a lawyer who has experience representing clients at trial, which is necessary for some circumstances.

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