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Benefits of Ear Protection: How to Hear Safely

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Earmuffs are an excellent way to protect your ears while you work. By wearing earmuffs, you can avoid the negative impacts that loud noise has on hearing and balance. The following three benefits of ear protection will help explain why they should be worn in every situation where there are at least 85 decibels (dBA) of sound pressure:

  1. Protect Your Hearing:

When you are exposed to loud noises, your ears will suffer significant damage over time. This can lead to tinnitus or partial deafness in some cases. The more noise that is present during the exposure, the worse this issue becomes.

  1. Reduce the Effects of Loud Noises:

It is not just your ears that are affected by loud noises. Your entire body reacts to them as well, which can lead to tinnitus and other conditions. This happens because sound waves travel through the air in an environment, especially when they have nowhere else to go. After all, there are walls or other objects in their way.

  1. Protect Your Balance:

Loud noises can also have an impact on your balance. This is especially true if the noise happens to be close to you, which means it will travel through certain parts of your body more quickly than others. If this occurs, many negative issues could result, including nausea and vertigo.

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