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Dealing With Storm & Hurricane Damage: Call Restoration Services!

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The aftermath of a devastating storm or hurricane can be devastating. In most homes, water damage is likely, and if you have a flooded basement or visible structural damage, the first step is to call a reliable water damage restoration service. Companies like Steamatic of Colorado Springs work with homeowners immediately after receiving a distress call, so that risks can be mitigated, and damages & losses can be minimized to the best possible extent. In this post, we are sharing more working damage restoration companies.

Following the storm

First and foremost, make sure that everyone in your home is safe. If you have extreme flooding, wait for the damage restoration experts to arrive, and if possible, vacate the house immediately. Check if the main switch or power of the house can be turned off safely, and until things are checked and inspected, do not try to use electrical appliances.

When to call damage restoration services?

If you just have some drywall damage, or a small leak, you don’t need restoration, but basic repairs. However, if the storm or hurricane was truly a strong one, you have to get the house inspected for possible water and fire hazards. Keep in mind that structural damage is not always visible, so don’t assume things. Call a damage restoration company that can handle all kinds of after-storm situations.

Selecting a restoration company

There are many storm-damage restoration companies in Colorado Springs, so finding one doesn’t have to be hard. However, a restoration service must have the following –

  1. A competent team of restoration experts on payroll
  2. All necessary cleaning & safety equipment
  3. Licenses, permissions, and insurance
  4. Certifications where applicable
  5. Ability to manage calls and offer help without delay.

How much does water restoration cost?

That depends on the extent of the damage after a natural calamity. Most restoration companies will send in their experts for an inspection, and based on the work involved, you can expect to get an estimate. Make sure that the price mentions what’s included and how long it would take to restore your home.

Final word

Your home needs a check after an inspection, which will come in handy to prevent damage to your property and belongings. Also, you can reduce safety hazards that are often not in plain sight. Check if the restoration company can help with other tasks, like carpet cleaning, so that you can hire them for comprehensive work.

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