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Fees Of Hr Consulting Firms Singapore 

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What are the types of hr specialists? 

There are various types of hr specialists: 

  •     Talent acquisition specialists 

These HR specialists help the companies recruit and hire the best candidate that perfectly fits the client’s budget. These consultants use various methods like talent searching, reviewing potential candidates, talent searching, and more.

These consultants are with the clients from the beginning till the very end. The process involved advertising, screening the candidates, conducting interviews, background checks, compensation packages, and making an offer.

  •     Benefits and compensation specialists 

Benefits and compensation can also be called total rewards, and these include base pay, commissions, perks, benefits, rewards, salaries, award programs, and morale initiatives.

These consultants help businesses maximize their budgets by determining the organization’s current number of employees to work efficiently and eliminate the cost as much as possible. They determine the positions that need to be filled and those that can be left out empty.

  •     Legal compliance specialists 

HR consultants also provide legal compliance to the organizations. The consultants develop the organization’s policies and procedures, and they are well aware of the government’s guidelines. There are more specialized fields. Click here to see what HR specialties are being offered by various hr consulting firms singapore.

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