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The Benefits of Owning a Doggie Day Care Business

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Dog daycare, also called “pet daycare”, tends to be short-term, often meaning just two or four hours. It fills a gap between short-term pet sitting and kenneling, where the sitters come to the dog’s house for a few hours each day. Dog daycare tend to be animal friendly and have an ear towards the situation of the dog. One of them is Hounds Town USA and they are trained to know when the dog needs attention, how to socialize with other dogs and people, and what to do if a dog has an issue (a bit of biting or chewing here and there, for example). In most cases, the services are provided at no cost to you.

Some pet daycare facilities in the US offer not only the animal’s direct care but also therapy and special education services. It is becoming increasingly popular for daycares to provide these kinds of services to their clients because they find it easier and cheaper to employ pet daycare workers than it would be to hire separate pet care assistants and therapists. They also want to keep their current employees while offering additional services. As well as therapy and education, daycare workers are trained to handle a variety of behavior problems, including separation anxiety, obedience training, dietary control, and environmental sensitivity.

A pet daycare franchise is a good option for those looking for a quick income opportunity. There are several pet care franchises available, from small family-run operations right through to large corporate partnerships. Many pet care franchises include a daycare division. It is possible to find a daycare franchise opportunity almost anywhere – from apartment complexes to shopping mall complexes. However, the best locations tend to be in suburban areas with easy access to mass transit and restaurants, both of which provide an outlet for potential owners to sell the business.

Owning a pet daycare business will allow you to expand your product line. You could start by offering walk-in clients their very first puppy, and if that goes well you can move on to working with bigger breeds, big dogs, then working with other dogs and working with overweight dogs. If you have a degree or technical expertise in caring for animals then owning your doggy daycare center could lead to an entire career. But it could also lead to a lifelong passion.

Pet daycare franchise opportunities often come with a strong educational program, including a certification or associate’s degree program. In addition to providing health and wellness education, you may also find that the owners of these franchises invest in quality workshops and seminars to help pet owners understand and improve their pet care. You may also be required to undertake additional courses, including one or two specific courses in animal behavior or pet grooming.

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