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Four Awesome Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard

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Corrugated cardboard is specially designed using advanced computer design and manufacturing systems. It is made out of an arched paper design called fluting that fits between two liners. Its sophisticated construction is vital to ensure it can carry a wide range of weights, protect its content against moisture, and offer sustainable packaging solutions.

Some companies can customize corrugated cartons to carry almost any item. This material is sustainable and recyclable which helps cut costs.  Keep reading to know more about the benefits of corrugated cardboard:

They Keep Products Protected

Corrugated cartons have structural stable design that offeran excellent cushion for any product. Thus, they can keep products protected through long-distance transport and constant shipping and handling. Although the majority of corrugated boxes include a layer of fluting between two liners, corrugated boxes can vary in thickness and sizes, depending on the amount of durability and protection required. Fragile items such as electronic items, glass products, and chemical liquids stay secure and protected with corrugated boxes. Also, these boxes can resist tear, keeping the packaging intact and contents from exposure.

They can be Customized

Due to the different kinds of boards, weights, coatings, adhesives, and treatments available, corrugating packaging cartons are best for the shipping, packaging, and storage needs of any industry. They can have basic designs, complex designs for more specific needs, and folded into various shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of packaging requirements. Also, printing options are customizable that includes directly printing onto the cartons with bold, colorful graphics. Manufacturers can customize the boxes to fit the specifications of products.

They are Cost-Effective and Sustainable

Corrugated cardboard boxes are quite low cost. This has to do with the low cost of labor and tools needed for manufacturing and filling the boxes. Also, it is because of the lightweight qualities of the material that help keep shipping costs low. Other factors that contribute to the low cost of the carton include the ability to use corrugated boxes for storage, shipping, and advertising. Plus, they offer environment-friendly packaging solutions, using recyclable materials like used corrugated cartons and newspapers.

They are Flexible

Corrugated cardboard is recognized for its premium quality and innovative structure. Cardboard offers a practical way to protect products, stabilized loads, and box up goods with awkward shapes. Due to the material’s flexibility, boxes can be made in a wide array of sizes and styles. Manufactures can combine either single or double wall protection for products.

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