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How to Leave Your Job in a Positive Fashion

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Whenever you are looking to move jobs it can feel a little bit stressful and difficult to pull off successfully. This is especially the case for those who have enjoyed working in their current role, have no problems at all with their employers but just fancy a change of scenery and a new challenge. Looking for a new job can be daunting at the best of times, so be as prepared as you possibly can, be as positive as possible and look for work with a recruitment agency that can help you find the perfect role to match your skills, qualifications and long-term desires.

If you have become disenchanted and unmotivated in your current role, or you are always thinking about working somewhere else, in your dream job, it can be hard to move away from the tried and tested. If you are already thinking this way, the chances are that your days are numbered in your current role whether you knew it or not. Stagnation is never good for the human mind and soul, and it is probably time that you begin to think about your next move. If there is no need to do so immediately though, take this realisation as a sign that you have the time to get things right and to make your next move the right one for you and your future.

What’s the problem? Before doing anything else, sit down and think about why you are unhappy in your current job role. Is it the tasks you have to perform, is it your boss, the money you are paid, the company or location? It might be the industry that you work in. Whatever it is, work it out and make this the starting spot for your future job search.

Look at what’s out there We’ve seen an increase in job advertisements throughout the pandemic and lockdown, so there is plenty of work out there. More of it is remote now than ever before, so there are greater possibilities than ever before.

Showcase your skills This is the perfect time to update your CV and to showcase your skills and qualifications. Before looking for recruiters to help you find a new role, you must catalogue your skills, demonstrate these skills within achievements you can readily list and learn how to showcase your strengths.

Don’t drag your unhappiness into your job search – Looking for a new job should never be a chore. If you act the same way with your job search as you currently are in an unhappy job, the likelihood is that it will come across in your application, and definitely in your job interview.

If you are thinking of finding a job and leaving your current role, there are a few ways in which you can approach the process to leave all parties happy. If you have no reason to rock the boat with your current employers and just fancy a change of scenery, or you want to push yourself in a new direction, you can do so in a positive fashion. The best way to approach any change of employment is to work with a specialist recruitment company\ that has the reputation to match your ambition. They can help you find the perfect role to match suit your specific skills, qualifications and where you see yourself in five, and ten, years’ time and beyond. This is the best way to ensure you are moving in the most positive way, leaving behind happy memories and good contacts in your old job, and moving into a new role that suits you well.

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