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Marine Voyage Data Recorder – Need and Maintenance

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The need for a marine voyage data recorder

AWe use a VDR or marine voyage data recorder to record vital information. You will also require them while investigating an accident or mishap on the ship. It stores very crucially for retrieving any information regarding the ones. So, the device mostly records the following things.

  • Position of the ship
  • Date and time of the voyage
  • Heading and speed of the ship
  • Bridge and communication audio
  • Wind direction and speed during the voyage
  • Acceleration and speed of the ship
  • Radar data and alarms

How to maintain a marine voyage data recorder?

It is best to conduct a check to maintain a marine voyage data recorder. It ensures that the device is working all fine. It should be done, especially before leaving for a voyage, so that something unexpected happens, the device is of some use to track down what went wrong. The VDR is a crucial device in a ship and thus, cannot be avoided, as it stores much important data mentioned above and keeps it safe in sequential order for up to twelve hours at minimum and about forty-eight hours at maximum. So, it would be a wise decision to maintain it every time you go on a voyage.

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