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Steamatic of North Indianapolis: Why Get your Air Duct Cleaned by Experts

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The ductwork in your home fulfills a central function. It ensures your AC and heating system work. But as with other surfaces in your home, the ducts can build up dirt. But dirty ducts are a bit tougher to reach than your floors and shelving, so they often go a while without being cleaned. This is the reason you must contact an HVAC and airduct cleaning company like Steamatic of North Indianapolis and talk about a regular cleaning schedule. The company also offers commercial cleaning services, hard cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, and more. Here’s why you should consider professional airduct cleaning:

Improved Air Quality

By having your airduct cleaned by professionals, your home will always have quality indoor air. Dust and other airborne particles can build up in the ductwork, resulting in your HVAC blowing these particles around when you turn it on. Regular ductwork cleaning can help ease allergy symptoms that members of your family may experience because of dirty air.

Moreover, keep in mind that mold can grow in the ducts. Mold spores can cause or aggravate different illnesses including lung cancer. Molds have formed in the ductwork when you smell an earthy or musty odor throughout your house. By having your ducts cleaned by experts regularly, molds won’t have a chance to develop.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Clean ducts can improve the performance of your HVAC system. A ductwork that is clogged with dust and debris cannot circulate air well. Thus, your furnace and AC will need to work for longer periods to reach the thermostat’s temperature. Your ducts especially need cleaning when there are drafts or cold spots that have developed in your house.

Fewer Repairs

When your ducts are regularly cleaned, your HVAC system will have reduced mechanical strain. Units that need to run for longer to hit the thermostat temperature will suffer from more wear and tear. By having clean ductwork, you will save money on utility bills and repair bills.

Professional air duct cleaners will seal the ductwork off in sections. They will use a series of brushes to get rid of any dirt and dust within the vents. Also, they use high-powered vacuums to suck out particles. If there are molds in your ducts, these professionals will also sanitize your ducts. They will use wet vacuums to remove any standing water that sits in the vents and spray cleaning chemicals into the ductwork to eliminate any existing mold growth.

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