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A Basic Guide To Learn About The Low-Impact Logging

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Low-impact forestry is about seeking a balance in the human society, and ecological systems. This type of forestry generates essential resources for the survival of mankind but also conserve the resources for later generations.

In this article, we will learn more about low-impact forestry in detail.

What is the principal of low-impact forestry?

Any type of forestry technique leaves some type of evidence. Poor logging leaves deep grooves where bulk equipment descends, broken crowns on remaining trees, poor rejuvenation due to soil compaction, and sedimentation in watercourses due to inferior erosion control.  In “Low impact forestry”, the professionals adopt methods to lessen the known damaging impacts of logging.

Payeur is a specialized company in offering a wide range of forestry, agricultural and commercial equipment. Their manufactured equipment like treuil forestier is designed to suit the needs of the user in the best way.

What is the role of low impact forestry professionals?

Professionals who practice low impact forestry use equipment that is suitable to the site. These practitioners know the value that their effort can contribute to the forest ecosystem. They work to earn a living without depleting the resource.

These professionals integrate spiritual, aesthetic, and recreational values into the financial examination of forestry. They are aware of the limitation of the tools they use and abide by them.

What are the types of tools used in low impact forestry?

Low impact logging centers on working with the right set of tools and knowing the right way to use them. Several tools make the organization of woodlot and abstraction of firewood and saw the log on a small scale practical, and safe.

Logging attachments for small tractors and All Terrain Vehicle enables a person to displace logs out of close-fitting spots with hardly any scratch to the soil.

LIF practitioners use tools that include high flotation tires on heavyweight equipment to lessen soil compaction. The use of light equipment and machinery enables the worker to work in less frozen, and wetter conditions as it causes relatively less soil compaction, and rutting.

They understand that improper use of lightweight equipment such as tractors, a collection of small machines, and draft animals can cause irreversible damage. LIF professionals maintain a network of trails, and roads for gear to enhance the efficiency of operation of woods.

It lowers the impact in the forest and allows foresters to conveniently lessen the damage that includes erosion. It also lowers the impact of remaining tree damage and soil compaction.


Low impact forestry is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of nature while preserving its state. The LIF practitioners work to enhance the ecosystem of the forest by using financial models that promote eco-friendly, and safe harvesting.

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