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What Are The Roles Of PPP Scoping?

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Across the globe, you will see that many governments who have been successful with PPP programs have created a dedicated unit that has been tasked with implementing, facilitating, or advising on PPP units. You can also check out PPP scoping for more related details on the same. If you are wondering, what are the various roles of PPP units? Here is what you need to look into.

What are the roles of PPP units?

  • Having control over PPP: the right steps need to be taken to develop a PPP so that the analysis will portray the project as consistent with the appraisal criteria. It also needs to ensure that all the required approvals have been obtained.
  • Promotion of PPPs within the government: the implementing agencies need to be reminded that it might be favorable to go ahead with larger projects as PPPs.
  • Behaving as a knowledge center: knowledge needs to be imparted about PPPs, ensuring that the information is spread across the procuring authorities and made available to the public.

Well, bidders and financers can also get help who might be uncertain about the information they want to have. Now, they can come to a PPP and get all the essential and authentic information.

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