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Why Tower Crane Dealer Is  Needed For Construction

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Tower cranes are slender pieces of equipment used in building projects. Though slender, they are also one of the largest pieces of equipment and are used to lift heavy materials such as steel and concrete. A tower crane basically consists of three main parts, the base, the tower, and the slewing unit.

  • Base- It is the main support of the crane, which is connected to a large concrete foundation that carries the whole weight.
  • Tower- Also called the mast, it is connected to the base and is the supporting structure that gives the height of the crane. The large triangulated lattice structure of the mast gives strength to the crane.
  • Slewing unit– It consists of a gear and motor that are attached to the top of the mast and allow the crane to rotate along its axis. The slewing unit contains three parts-
  • Jib or working arm– It is a horizontal element that carries the load
  • Machinery arm– It is a shorter horizontal element that carries the load-lifting motor
  • Operator’s cabin– It is the space where the operator handles all the functions of the crane

Anyone seeking to construct a building should contact the tower crane dealer to book a tower crane. It is excellent for massive buildings since it will be easier to move heavy things from place to place. Renting a tower crane for construction would be wise since it plays a major role in construction. Even though it looks very slender and not very strong, it can actually carry great weight and is also considered to be one of the largest pieces of equipment used in building projects. Contractors always make sure to have a tower crane on the construction site. It plays a major role and makes construction a whole lot easier.


One should also make sure that there is sufficient area before bringing in a tower crane since it may destroy other buildings surrounding it due to its massive height and strength. It requires a huge space for it to function properly since it has to keep rotating while passing things around. It is extremely convenient and heavyweights can be transported easily from one place to another. The way a tower crane is built makes it really special and something to be curious about. Construction companies should totally invest in buying a tower crane since it will be helpful in all their projects.

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